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Co-Op Working

Cooperative Working



 Castletown Law is led by Andrew Renton who has over thirty years’ experience as lawyer and has been an equity partner since 1989. Castletown Law specialises in commercial and corporate law as it applies to industry with a specific focus on infrastructure, energy, development and real estate. 

From 1 November 2018 we will undertake a growth plan which will see the firm grow organically with an objective of having four further director level staff within twelve months and doubling that number within the following twelve months. 

We have been approached by and have had discussions with a number of firms across Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The discussions have been around an arrangement where Castletown Law can work with small and medium sized firms in those regions to support them in the projects they become involved. 

That support involves: 

❖ Provision of legal advice where English law applies. 
❖ Legal advice for other jurisdictions where we use our extensive network. 
❖ Monitoring and control of the quality of the advice given. 
❖ Project management of legal inputs on projects being undertaken. 
❖ Project management of documentation on a transactional or project basis 

Our approach is to: 

❖ Deliver the best quality advice. 
❖ Provide the maximum value to the client. 
❖ Work cooperatively with everyone including clients. 
❖ Have a minimum PQ level of advisor. 
❖ Have a flat fee structure so all lawyers are charged at the same rate. 
❖ Minimise fee risk by having an advance payment and milestone fee agreement. 
❖ Using senior advisors to give efficient and cost-effective delivery of quality advice. 

Working together: 

Your firm would work under a cooperation agreement with Castletown Law. The agreement would provide: 

❖ We will work together as advisors to clients. 
❖ Our rates will be the same across all fee earners at PQ 4+. 
❖ There will be a single point of communication on relationship and billing matters. 
❖ Each firm will give the other a right of first refusal of any work for which their input is required. 
❖ Each firm may agree the payment structure with the client and the other firm will accept it. 
❖ We each operate on a ‘pay when paid’ basis. 
❖ Each firm and all staff operate on an Uberrimae Fidei Contract basis. 
❖ Each firm will have a single point of contact for managing the relationship between our firms.

If your firm would like to discuss working with Castletown Law, please contact +44 7721829943