Andrew Renton

Andrew is a leading solicitor in the energy and infrastructure industry, specialising in commercial contracts.

Andrew works in the UK and internationally with a great deal of experience in the UK, the Middle East and Central Europe.

His commercial approach to project initiation through to completion and management of assets is a key aspect of his embedded approach to projects. He is also known for his skill in negotiation and the prevention of escalation of disputes.

Andrew’s diverse client relationships strengthen his extensive knowledge and commercial capability in delivering key outcomes in energy and infrastructure projects across Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. He works extensively in emerging markets and with progressive industries developing regulatory structures and new fields of innovation.

Recognised as a leading practitioner providing advice to energy, water and utilities companies, Andrew also does a significant amount of specialist work in the Offshore Wind and Offshore Oil and Gas sectors. He has worked extensively on Renewable Energy technologies, leading advice on several large-scale solar projects across the Middle East and Africa.

Andrew’s extensive participation in major projects, utilising previous experience as an Engineer to understand technical issues, allows him to address issues in an informed and helpful way during completion of contract documentation and in applying contract terms during operational phases. This allows him to give pre-emptive advice on potential challenges and offer solution sat an early stage.

Andrew has a deep understanding of the issues you may have to address in your day today business activities.

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