Eman Abuzeid

Legal Adviser
Eman Abuzeid is our Jordan based Legal Adviser working in the Middle East and internationally.

Eman has over 30 years of experience as a Lawyer and Advisor.Having grown up in a “Political” and “Diplomatic” family, Eman graduated from Bristol University in the UK, with both LL.B and LL.M. Eman is a registered Attorney at the Jordanian Bar Association.

Throughout her career Eman has worked in private practice and industry at the highest levels. For nearly 12 years she was a SeniorConsultant at one of the UK’s largest Legal Firms, providing Legal advice, as well business development efforts for the Middle East Region on both the private sector and Government Levels. Eman has been involved in both private sector and government initiatives, and her clear and concise advice and contribution to the management and administration of projects has been extremely valuable.

The airline sector was the focus of the early part of her career in Jordan, branching out into other areas of the law both regionally and internationally. Eman has most recently worked on projects and with clients in various sectors, with particular focus onEnergy, Infrastructure as well as Security Sectors. She has also been involved in a number of arbitration cases regionally.

Together with her expertise, her relationships at executive levels regionally and internationally provide an important part of her contribution to clients strategy and objective setting and allows her to provide guidance leading to achievement of the clients goals. Her command of both English and Arabic is another advantage in providing clients with comprehensive and expert advice.

Close to her heart are projects and roles that not only lead to her client’s success, but also result in progress and the betterment of the lives of people in the region.

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