Castletown Law is a young practice led by four highly experienced specialist lawyers.

The approach we have taken is for a new type of structure, where the firm is wholly owned by the professional staff, who will have the opportunity to build their own career and where all rewards are retained within the firm on a basis agreed by the professional staff.

Our structure and way of working is unique and allows for complete flexibility in working arrangements, cooperative decision making and experience-based service provision.

We welcome discussion with any qualified lawyers who aspire to:

  • Provide excellence in service
  • Build their business
  • Provide the highest quality legal advice
  • Cooperative participation
  • Our objective is to allow the next generation of leaders in legal services to take the lead in the business at an early stage within an environment which is supportive in all ways.

If you are 4+ years qualified and would like to discuss this opportunity, please drop an email to: Andrew Renton