Our primary purpose in servicing the sector is to support the delivery of decarbonising our activities.

Across all forms of renewable and low carbon energy, we have deep expertise and experience in multiple jurisdictions.

We aspire to become the go to firm in clean energy and to develop thought leadership in how the legal structures in projects can be adapted to allow complimentary low carbon initiatives to work together.

Our key practice areas are designed to provide the breadth of support required in any energy project.

Onshore Wind
Distributed generation and energy storage
Offshore Wind
Tidal Stream

We are actively involved in several urban development and regeneration projects.

Using our team members expertise in the creation of place making and community, aligned to the technology-based concepts of resilience and smart cities, we bring exceptional experience to the creation of developments and regeneration.

Urban Development & Regeneration

Provision of the necessary utilities to meet the needs of communities, commerce, and industry is one of the unspoken challenges facing the utilities sector in coming years.

The change in the make-up of utilities provision over the past few years continues to evolve. Our practice leaders have experience of many years advising utility organisations on the commercial aspects of their business and on the regulated environment in which they operate for delivery of retail and wholesale services.

Each of these areas is dependent on the core technologies which are utilised to manage and control each aspect of delivery of utilities.

Control and Instrumentation
Transmission Networks
Demand and Energy Efficiency
Water and Wastewater
Utility and Power Purchase Agreements
Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
Utility Supply and Management

Modern transport systems are integrated to the wider social infrastructure. They are highly sophisticated technological challenges.

Electrification and automation of transport systems is about more than a move towards low carbon economies across the world.

Changes in fuels, efficiency, towns, cities and the technologies developing in electric vehicles, self-drive vehicles, energy/electricity storage and the associated technology and data management systems, all require a deep understanding of the legal relationships which apply within the sector and our team cover all the legal and commercial aspects of these projects.

We also operate in the shipping and aviation sectors, where we have a dedicated lead for each of those disciplines.


Our primary lead in this area has more than 20 years’ experience advising major contractors on the legal aspects of the projects they enter in to.‍

Our focus is on our experience across complex infrastructure, energy and engineering projects where knowledge of how the process of project delivery interfaces with the engineering aspects of the project is essential. The team brings long experience in major commercial, industrial and civil engineering projects.

We believe we offer something special in this area by bringing understanding of the technical, legal, commercial and funding issues from a team with deep credibility in the industry.

Petrochemical - Heavy Industry
Marine - Harbour
Retail Centres - Leisure/Sports Facilities - Hospitals & Clinics
Traditional Power Generation Assets

Our practice is led by a lawyer with private practice and in-house experience.

Our team has held advisory roles for government, operating companies, new-build developers and those contracting into the industry. We have experience of government roles in both regulation and development in the UK, Turkey, Jordan and Egypt and KSA.

We have team members with long involvement in NNB and management operational fleet in the UK and elsewhere. We also have experience in site licencing, site commissioning and decommissioning, waste materials handling and storage.

New Build
Modular Nuclear Power Stations
Operational Fleet Management
Transportation Management of Fuel
Nuclear Material (long and short term storage)
Site Licensing and Consenting Procedures